What Toddler Bike Should I Get?

What Toddler Bike Should I Get?

What Toddler Bike Should I Get?
Everything you need to know about toddler bikes, along with a primer on safety gear.

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Like our Nadle BabyTransformers, 3-wheels come in all shapes and sizes: strollers, walkers, trikes, bikes… The list goes on. When my 3-year-old mastered his scooter, I thought he was ready to transition to a bike. But which one should I get him? I called upon my friends at Specialized, Schwinn, and Bike Habitat for a little advice, and here’s what I found out.

If, like me, you need a little help figuring out what your child’s next set of wheels should be, here’s your primer to toddler bikes.

Disclaimer: it’s nice to start with a 12” balance bike and move up to 16” pedal bike (12” bike they’ll grow out of too quickly). Go to the bike store to have a helmet fitting and to try a few bikes before making a purchase. Once your little one hits the street with his bike, make sure he always, always wears his helmet.


Age group: From walking toddlers to 2 and 3 years old.

With balance bikes, your toddler can get comfortable with handlebars and can move forward without worrying about pedaling. He or she can also learn to glide without aid and practice balance so he or she can skip training wheels. It’s the perfect gear for your little one to be active and build confidence while doing it.

Specs and Recs: Balance bikes come with 12” to 20” wheels. The most popular size is 12”, and your toddler should be around 36” for this size. To match the size of the bike to the height of your child, measure your child’s inseam. When on the bike, his or her feet should lay flat on the ground, with a slight bend to the knees and a proper seat height (minimum seat height should be 1” -1.5” below child’s inseam). Note that bigger tires allow you to ride on more rugged terrain such as grass or dirt. Be sure there are no sharp points anywhere and there are handle grips.


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