Nadle Supply High Quality Multifunction Kickboard, Kids Scooter, Tricycle and Balance Bike For 2-6 years old Kids

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Nadle Trike, Nadle Scooter

Nadle is one of Best Integrated Design Scooter & Trike For Kids , Fashion, Good Human Engineering for Toddlers, Help Kids love sports, make babies strong and healthy, Now we accept business cooperation, Agent sales, OEM scooter service …   


Integrated Kids Scooter Design - One is enough

Integrated,Multifunction design for kids scooter and kids trike, save more room, eco-friend,good for the growth of children, baby will love sports more…

Safety​ at First - CE Certification Standard

For Baby, We love them to wrestling but wish not big, because they can learn more when wrestling, but to make the Safety kids scooter always our first mission.

Easy Driving on for Kids - 2-5 years Boys & Girls

Simple design but 3 in 1 multifunctional, baby can change drive model themself, do more, learn more…best choise for kids trike and kids scooter

OEM Service, Small Order Avaliable - Your Brand Logo, Your Design

We supply 3 kinds of color option, red /  yellow, blue, also you can OEM color & your logo. Also can custom your design as your drawing.


Featured Gears for kids

Always supply best design toddler bike,Balance bike and Foldable Tricycle for boys & grils

BabyTransformers  is a 3 wheels design to provide the necessary stability and support for a very young girl even 2-years-old who is only starting to scoot, can easily ride this and learn to balance.The T-bar handlebar grows with the child as it adjustable. And the Most Important, Baby can Transform easily by themself…

2019, Nadle Launched the New Multifunction 5 in 1 Tribike for 1-5-years Old, Can transform to be Balance Bike, kids bike and also can change to be pushchair or push bike, the most important, it can be fold to be small size , easy to carry and take kids to outside.  ( Push Stroller – Balance Bike – Kids Bike)

2019, Nadle Launched the New Multifunction Tribike for 1-5-years Old, Can transform to be Balance Bike, and kids bike and also can change to be pushchair, the most important, it can be fold to be small size , easy to carry and take kids to outside.  Push Stroller – Balance Bike – Kids Trike

Mix Tribike with hand bar Baby stroller with three-wheeled pedal-less bike same as BabyHorse, but Simpler, as most Balane Bike teaches 12-15 -months toddlers learn to walk, jump and coast on their bikes with no assistance from their parents.

One Trike Sale Agent, Get new products Agent

Till now Nadle Sooter sale to over ten countries,included South Korean, American, France, England, Philippines, India, Vietnam etc,

Welcome other clients to contact to sale innovation integated design 3 in 1 and 5 in 1 Nadle kids trike, some other countries need agent and distribution, small order support !

For the 2020, our new products will release, to be our 5 in 1 or 3 in 1 sales agent, you will get new products sales agent too in 2020! Small MOQ requires, reasonale price, Great change to your sales and market ! Contact us today !


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Care Fake Nadle Scooter !


During these days, many clients come and ask our 3 in 1 scooter about $35 free shipping. this so low price is not reach our manufacturer cost, they fake our logo, our products with low price attract your money, without any certification, use bad materials etc, so please take care your baby health, order original Nadle products.


2020, Double year, Double New Products Agnet Wanted ! 

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